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  • JCK Las Vegas 2024 - May 31, 2024
  • IJO Summer Show 2024 - Jul 14, 2024
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  • Centurion Jewelry Show: Sea Island 2024 - Aug 18, 2024

Web Inventory Link

Thousands of diamonds under your brand name

Grow your brand and expand your inventory.

Increase your inventory, without spending a cent. Your customers can browse thousands of diamonds branded under your name with an individualized RDI Diamonds® web inventory link. This free and customizable service allows your customers to shop 8,000+ diamonds with your pricing, your brand name, and your store information. Perfect for businesses that may not have a dedicated web presence, or for those who want to offer the largest selection of the highest quality diamonds in America.

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RDI Diamonds

Our Inventory Is Your Inventory

Endless inventory for your expert sales team.

RDI Diamonds

Take advantage of this unique shopping experience.

The RDI Diamonds® web inventory gives your customers the expertise of your sales team paired with the largest diamond inventory in the country. Along with your branding and tiered pricing, each diamond is showcased with professional high-resolution imaging and can be shown at the standard 10x loop view or at a greater magnification. Guide your customer through multiple 300x magnification images, specs, and grade certifications to find the perfect selection.


After the customer chooses a diamond, it is delivered for free on memo with no purchasing required. Setting up your web inventory link is easy, and RDI Diamonds® provides the custom coding. No web experience is necessary to create a functional and fast web inventory.

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Seamlessly Bring our Inventory to your Website

Developed to be responsive and mobile friendly, our inventory link is designed to fit seamlessly into the design of your own website. Installation is as simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

- Derek Adams

VP Digital, RDI Diamonds

Build Your Web Inventory Today

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Find the latest in-store sales tools and technology to cultivate your brand. The RDI Diamonds® web inventory link pairs with the Mobile Diamond Connection® to provide your customers with a peerless buying experience. Grow your brand with fast customer connections, the highest quality diamonds, and the technology to make a sales difference. Open an account or call today to speak to an RDI Diamonds® representative to start building your branded web inventory.



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Rise Above the Competition

Build your brand beyond your inventory.

Use your web inventory link to access 8,000+ diamonds with your own pre-set markups, and quickly customize your brand information and pricing as needed.

  • Access 8,000+ diamonds with your own pre-set markups
  • Customize your brand information and pricing
  • Adjust pricing as needed in minutes
  • Offer the largest inventory to your customers
  • No risk and no purchasing required
  • No coding, web building, or design experience necessary

...and more

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