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Client Promo Tools

Strengthen your sales and enhance your brand with client tools from RDI Diamonds®.


Stock programs crafted for your needs.

Deliver the highest quality diamonds to your customers with trusted names, accurate grading, and flexible stock options. RDI Diamonds® is proud to offer the best in supply solutions.

Rare & Forever: An Exclusive Parternship

Rare & Forever offers you the highest quality diamonds with consistent and accurate grading by using the most advanced A.I. technology on Earth.

Rare & Forever
RDI Diamonds

You Me We: The Flexible Choice.

Create a customized package from loose and mounted diamonds, diamond stud earrings, diamond tennis bracelets or diamond pendants with this flexible stock program. You Me We offers extended 30/60/90/120 terms, marketing collateral, online ordering, and a no-risk sell-through rate to provide a larger variety of stock to your customers.

You, Me, We
RDI Diamonds

Web Inventory

Your site. Endless Inventory

We mean it when we say our inventory is your inventory. Access over 8,000+ diamonds with your own brand web inventory link. Setup is simple, and we provide a customized i-frame code. Instantly and easily connect your customers to thousands of diamonds with 300X magnification images, grade certifications, and your own pricing and markups.

8,000+ Diamonds in Inventory

300X Magnification Images

Your Own Pricing & Markups

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RDI Diamonds
RDI Diamonds

RDI Marketing Plus®

Inspire your team. Drive your sales.

Find the marketing collateral and support your team needs to increase productivity and sales. The RDI Marketing Plus® program offers monthly educational webinars and articles, along with social-to-sale materials and reward incentives to connect, network, and motivate your team.

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Mobile Diamond Connection®

Connect with your customers

Our free Mobile Diamond Connection® tool allows your sales team to collect key information from customers while presenting them with customized inventory through a computer or tablet. The structured sales process means your team focuses on the customers, not on paperwork.
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