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  • IJO Summer Show 2024 - Jul 14, 2024
  • RJO Summer Show 2024 - Aug 03, 2024
  • Centurion Jewelry Show: Sea Island 2024 - Aug 18, 2024

Mobile Diamond Connection®

Connect, collect, and close the sale

Make each interaction count.

Connect your customer with a branded inventory of thousands of diamonds, collect key information, and close the sale with fast online ordering, follow-up appointments, and email reminders. The free Mobile Diamond Connection® tool from RDI Diamonds® streamlines the sales process and allows your sales team to focus on what they do best: Find and sell the right diamonds to your customers.

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RDI Diamonds
RDI Diamonds

Structured and Simple

Focus on the customer, not the follow-up.

RDI Diamonds

Immediately collect key customer information.

Our free Mobile Diamond Connection® tool allows your sales team to showcase diamonds marked with your pricing and branding while gathering relevant info from the customer for an instant follow-up; no need to waste time filling out paperwork or risk missing important data. The Mobile Diamond Connection® does the work for your team. The structured process ensures all necessary information is gathered, and prompts for follow-up appointments to be set, with email reminders automatically sent out for return visits.

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Virtually show all of our Inventory In-store

Our Mobile Diamond Connection is designed specifically to share the entire RDI inventory in-store with your customers. View our diamonds, see the videos and diamond specifications in real-time and with your own markups included. Request inventory and capture all of your customers information in one place to increase sales and drive your followup appointments.

- Derek Adams

VP Digital, RDI Diamonds

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Enroll for your own customized mobile link.

Combine in-store sales tools for the ultimate inventory. Use the Mobile Diamond Connection® and your own branded RDI Diamonds® web inventory link to create an extensive, accessible collection of diamonds that will elevate your brand and increase sales. Visit our frequently asked questions section, or speak with an RDI Diamonds® representative to learn more about how our Mobile Diamond Connection® technology can work for you.

For more information about stocking Mobile Diamond Connection® inventory,


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and schedule a consultation with a Mobile Diamond Connection® specialist.

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Never Miss a Connection

Broaden your collection.

The free Mobile Diamond Connection® allows access to thousands of diamonds, along with fast online ordering and data collection. Plus, there’s no coding or app building required to have a customized mobile connection branded with your information and pricing.

  • Provides 8,000+ diamonds with customized pricing
  • Reduces no-show appointments
  • Offers fast online ordering
  • Easily collects key customer info
  • Sets appointments with email reminders
  • Works with tablets, in-store kiosks, or mobile browsers

...and more

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free and simple access to thousands of diamonds

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