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Thousands of diamonds? That’s just the beginning. We offer a wide range of services and support to help you succeed. From our flexible memo options and our partnership with De Beers Group Industry Services to our generous stock options and cost-efficient shipping.


Thousands of Diamonds, Right at Your Fingertips.

As one of the largest suppliers of diamonds in the world, we are proud to offer an inventory of over 8,000 unique, hand-selected diamonds ranging from .50 to 10.00 ct. Every certified diamond is chosen with care; there are no parcel buys here. Each exclusive diamond in our vast online inventory can be viewed with up to 300X magnification, with real-time inventory status updates to ensure availability to your customers.


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RDI Diamonds

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Here for Your Call Business

Here for Your Call Business

We are here for your call business! Because of our large and diverse inventory we are able to handle the most extravagant of requests. 

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simple stock solutions for your business

Present your customers the right diamond, at the right time. We offer two stock programs that provide a variety of shapes, sizes, and pricing:

RDI Diamonds

Setting the standard for diamonds, RDI Diamonds® has partnered with De Beers Group Industry Services to provide the best in inventory and stock options. De Beers Group Industry Services exclusively grades Rare & Forever diamonds, bringing the highest quality and consistency in the industry.

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Experience the freedom of complete customization. Paired with extended terms and marketing collateral, the You Me We® program allows for flexibility, online ordering, multiple categories to simplify the buying process, and a no-risk 100% sell-through guarantee.

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Lab Reports

Above and Beyond: Every Report.

With our partnership with De Beers Group Industry Services, we are the first in the United States to offer a grading report that goes beyond traditional industry standards. Our Rare & Forever diamonds are graded by De Beers Group Industry Services, guaranteeing your customers the best of the best. We offer every lab report, and have a process for off-grade lab reports, so you’re never left guessing. Choose from grades GIA, AGS, IGI,  EGL USA and more.

RDI Diamonds
  • DeBeers Group Industry Services
  • Gemological Institute Of America
  • American Gem Society
  • International Gemological Institute

...and more

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FREE Overnight Shipping.

Never leave a customer waiting. Not only do we have thousands of diamonds, but we can save you thousands of dollars in shipping fees with our FREE overnight delivery. We ship overnight with FedEx Monday through Friday, at no additional cost to you. Sign up for an account with us to search our inventory. (Saturday shipping is a $15 charge).

RDI Diamonds


Clear Cut Costs.

We believe in taking care of our customers. That’s why we strive for true competitive pricing. RDI Diamonds® performs daily Internet comparisons to ensure we are consistently priced in the industry’s lower 10% when compared to equivalent stones. And we fill 99% of our daily orders, compared to the industry average of 33%.

RDI Diamonds

Lifetime Trade-Up Policy

Every natural, laboratory graded diamond purchased from RDI comes with our Lifetime Trade-Up.

RDI Diamonds, Inc. was the originator and continues to offer THE EASIEST, MOST FLEXIBLE Trade Up Policy in the diamond industry.

That means an undamaged diamond can be upgraded at any time, towards another diamond of equal or greater value. (New diamond needs to be at least $1.00 more than original diamond).  Original, undamaged, laboratory paperwork must accompany returned diamond to be eligible for trade.

Lab grown diamonds can be traded for lab grown diamonds on a 1 for 1 trade (new diamond must be $1.00 more than the original diamond).  Trade in values will be determined by RDI Diamonds, Inc. current selling price. All diamonds and paperwork must be undamaged and complete for trade eligibility.

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