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  • JCK Las Vegas 2024 - May 31, 2024
  • IJO Summer Show 2024 - Jul 14, 2024
  • RJO Summer Show 2024 - Aug 03, 2024
  • Centurion Jewelry Show: Sea Island 2024 - Aug 18, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

What do you carry?

In-house, we maintain an inventory of over 8,000 diamonds specializing in .25 ct to 10.00 ct. with larger stones available. We carry Round Brilliants, Princess, Radiants, Marquises, Pears, Cushions, Emeralds, Asscher's, Hearts, Ovals, and Trillions. We also have matched pairs of every shape, including trapezoids and half-moons, along with stock round melee from .01 ct to .40 (D-K colors, VS, SI, I clarities). Additionally, we have loose natural fancy yellow stones in many shapes, mounted round and princess cut diamond stud earrings, round, and princess cut tennis bracelets in white and yellow gold.

Do you carry certified and non-certified diamonds?

Yes. We have a large selection of GIA, EGL USA, IGI, EGL and AGS diamonds and have plenty of non-certified diamonds. Our buyers don’t buy every stone they see. On the contrary, they are highly selective, typically buying only 7 out of 10 GIA certified stones and only 3 out of 10 EGL certified stones they review. What does that mean to you? It means we “cherry pick” the best of the best, saving you the hassle.

How long can I keep a diamond on memo?

The memo term is five days. If you need an extra few days, give us a call and let us know the status. We work to maintain the 5-day memo to have more of the stones you want on hand. 

How much is shipping?

We ship FREE overnight utilizing Federal Express. The only time there is a cost is if the memo's total amount is below $500 or if you need it for Saturday delivery. In those cases, we'll charge you a nominal $10.00 or $15.00 fee, respectively. If you don't sell the diamond, you pay the return shipping charges. 

How do I get access to the RDI Diamonds® website?

Just call RDI Diamonds® at 1-800-874-8768; We will connect you to an expert account manager who can provide you with your client ID and the web-sites password. WE ONLY PROVIDE WEB ACCESS TO CREDIT APPROVED, JBT RATED CUSTOMERS.

How can I get an accurate description of a diamond over the phone?

Our account managers are exceptionally well trained both in diamonds and sales. They know what the key things are you want to know. Where are the inclusions/are they white or black? Is the stone eye clean? How does it face up? We work with literally thousands of jewelers around the country, so we know your business as well as our own. Utilize our experts and watch your sales grow! 

My account manager is out of the office or on vacation, but I want them to get credit for my order. Should I call back?

Your account manager will always get credit for your order, even if they are out of the office. At RDI Diamonds®, we believe in teamwork with every associate dedicated to all of our customers. So don’t worry and order away! 

Do you sell directly to the public?

We do not. 

We sell diamonds to brick and mortar stores only! We do not provide our inventory to the large online diamond sites. Access to our website is limited to our clients. Our clients can review diamonds or show our inventory as theirs in the store (with their designated mark-up applied). The general public cannot use our website as a resource to purchase. 

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