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Exclusively graded by De Beers Group Industry Services

An Exclusive Partnership

Graded by unrivaled technology, we promise accuracy, consistency, and uncompromised integrity with each diamond.

What makes Rare & Forever different is our grading report by De Beers Group Industry Services. This acts as a symbol of confidence that every Rare & Forever diamond has benefitted from the skills and technology of the most advanced diamond grading and verification instruments in the world. Our products offer your customers attainable luxury in the most highly demanded design styles available today. When you partner with Rare & Forever, we’re committed to helping you tell our story in order to nurture your current customer base and grow new customer audiences.

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The Rare & Forever Difference

Setting the diamond standard

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The world’s most accurate and consistently graded diamond, but Rare & Forever believes in more than just diamonds.

Rare & Forever stands for inclusivity, diversity, and love of all kinds—a true reflection of your customers and all of their facets. Rare & Forever offers assurance and confidence that they cannot get online. We provide customers with a cutting edge security feature which ensures their diamond is identifiable forever. The distinctive R&F logo and report number located on the edge of the table of the diamond provide peace of mind that a generic diamond cannot. Rare & Forever is also pre-screening for brown, green, or milky qualities to ensure maximum brilliance.

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A note from our CEO

We’re proud to offer you an extra special diamond that is inclusive to all love stories. We can’t wait to partner with you for years to come as we both work to help people find beautiful diamonds that truly embody their journey in life.

- Michael Indelicato

CEO of RDI Diamonds

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Your inventory isn’t complete without two of the leading names in the diamond industry: RDI Diamonds® and De Beers Group Industry Services.

Guarantee that your clientele receives the very best in diamond standards and enroll in our Rare & Forever partnership program. You’ll have the personal customer care and support that RDI Diamonds prides itself on. You’ll also have the opportunity to access our national marketing campaign, premium digital and print marketing materials and sales resources for your whole team. In addition, you’ll receive educational and development support through our partners, The Smithee Group, an expert marketing agency in the jewelry industry.

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