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  • RJO Summer Show 2024 - Aug 03, 2024
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RDI Team

Employee Spotlight: Jack Griebel

September 16, 2022

Jack Griebel is relatively new to RDI Diamonds, only having started with us in October of 2021 as a Business Intelligence Engineer. After graduating with Rochester Institute of Technology in May of 2022, Jack joined our IT department, helping us transform and store our data into actionable insights and information. “There is a lot of collaboration and detailed thought that goes in when determining the best way to manipulate and visualize the data,” Jack explains. “The industry we operate in is fascinating. Almost every week I learn details that are new to me. There are a lot of distinctive and amazing personalities that come around in such a unique environment that I have the pleasure of working with.”


    Outside of RDI, Jack is a huge football fan, rooting for the Buffalo Bills along with the majority of Rochestarians. In his spare time, he plays the bass guitar in a punk rock band with some friends. “We’ve been playing together for about 3 ½ years,” Jack says. “I like to play anything that’s got a lot of energy to it. A lot of the music we’re making now is very freeform and I credit a lot of that with our experience together.” 


    The best advice that he has received while working at RDI is from Andrew Rickard, VP of Operations: Keep it simple, keep it visual. “In reference to data reports, there is a significant latitude in determining what data can be shown to users,” Jack replies. “This advice helps me to remember to keep things focused and quick to understand. Oftentimes, it is more about what you choose to leave out of the solution, rather than what you include.” 


Check out Jack's Spotlight video here! 


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