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Employee Spotlight: Garrett Jordan

August 15, 2022

Garrett Jordan has been a Diamond Specialist at RDI for 5 years, assisting small and large business owners grow their business while maintaining and building RDI’s reputation in the jewelry industry. His favorite part about working for RDI is the people he works with and works for, inside and outside of the company. “They make growth endless and possible,” Garrett explains. “Success is unavoidable. This industry is as enormous as it is tiny. Everybody knows everybody. Given this intimacy, relationships are built on handshakes and promises. Be honest, forthright, and consistent. Take care of your people and they will take care of you.”

Outside of RDI, Garrett is husband to Stephanie, a brilliant middle and high school special education and AP World History teacher. They are the parents to a few furbabies - 1 dog and 2 cats. Garrett holds a Masters degree in World History and has a passion for carpentry, music, and travel which he is able to pursue in his free time. When asked about a secret about himself that no one knows about, Garrett replied, “I am a very old soul. I can relate to and make friends much more easily the older someone is.” 

Garrett’s favorite part about RDI is that this job is 100% what you make it. “You can utilize any degree and never feel like you wasted a dime in college, or you can dive in with basic skills and experience a lucrative career,” Garrett explains. “There is no one true way to be successful, instead, there are a million ways to achieve success.”

Watch Garrett's interview here! 

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