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That's a Wrap: Steps to Wrap Up Your 2015

Every year, the same thing happens. The upcoming New Year`s Day lights a fire within us, and suddenly we find ourselves setting goals to help us be healthier, happier, and richer in the next year. While some people roll their eyes at the idea of New Year`s resolutions, we have to admit that it`s smart, and beneficial, to set goals. As 2015 comes to a close, it`s also time to set goals and review your past year of business. If you`re looking for some ideas to set yourself up for success in 2016, here are a few to get you started.   Steps Looking Back Review Your Social Media and Email Efforts

Did you meet your goals for 2015? What were your most successful weeks/promotions? What can you do to capitalize on these opportunities in 2016? Review your competition too. What were their top posts on Facebook or Instagram? Your marketing is an extremely important aspect of your business. In addition to your typical financial year-end duties, looking at what worked and what didn`t from the angle of setting new goals for 2016 can really help to get your year off to a good start.

  Acknowledge Your Wins Business owners are often too bogged down by their work to see how much they accomplish over a year. The end of the year is a great time to sit down with your staff and spread around a lot of praise. You`ve all worked hard to get your business through another year, and it needs to be celebrated! One way you can do this is by asking everyone to bring a list of their 3 biggest accomplishments, the 3 biggest accomplishments of their coworkers, and the 3 biggest accomplishments of the group over all. 6107136_l
Clear Out Your Inbox Spring cleaning may be better known, but winter cleaning has a lot of benefits. You can tackle your emails head-on, follow up on and complete items on your to-do list, and give yourself the ultimate holiday gift: A clear inbox for the new year.  
Review 2015 Year-End Planning If you did a planning session for 2015, review it with your team. Did you reach your goals? Why? Did you exceed your goals? How? What channels worked best for you (ex: Facebook, radio, TV, email, etc.)? Did you not fully leverage a platform, or tried a little but were not fully committed and consistent? This often happens with social media marketing so be sure to be honest with yourself and find areas of opportunities for 2016. Knowing where you failed and succeeded can help you make your 2016 goals more realistic.  
Looking Forward Review Your Branding and Marketing Could you use a logo refresh? Does your website need to be updated? Can you create some email headers, social media templates and graphics to have on-hand throughout the year? Now is the right time to see if your branding and marketing could be updated to better meet the needs of your business. And, make sure it`s consistent on all platforms, all your information is accurate and up-to-date.  
Review Your Social Media Strategy 10772349_l While you`re at it, take a look at your social media accounts. Is your cover photo up-to-date? I your website listed? It`s even possible that this is the year you may want to hire someone to manage your social media full-time. This is a great time to look at the big picture, and small picture as well, and make changes to boost your visibility on social media.  
Plan for 2016 Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 4.11.07 PM A successful event, campaign, or sale begins with a solid plan. Sit down to discuss the upcoming year, or quarter, with your team.What would you like to accomplish? Make your goals specific and reasonable, making sure they are S.M.A.R.T. If you`re a Social Edge member, use the resources inside like the Monthly Event Map or 356 Things to Post on Social Media to make events and promotions relevant to the time of year.
Touch Base with Customer Do you have a list of VIPs who have helped to make your 2015 a success? Be sure to send them a thank you email or note to let them know that their loyalty has been important! And don`t forget to thank you online audience, too. They`ve followed you, engaged with your posts and supported your business, thank them publically.  
Plan a Big January Don`t wait to make 2016 a fun and exciting year. Plan a big campaign, like a contest or in-store event, to get customers buzzing about your store. The holidays may be over, but Valentine`s Day and wedding season are on their way! Be sure to stay on their radar so that you`re the first person to come to mind when they think of jewelry.   It`s been a great year, and we can`t wait to support you in 2016! Happy Holidays!    
If you`re looking to set yourself up for success in 2016 using social media, click here to learn more about Social Edge, an online training website for retailers looking to increase traffic and sales through social media.  

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    46e1f049-cece-48a5-b71c-1f3b9a116508Crystal Vilkaitis is the resident Social Media Expert at RDI Diamonds and owner of Crystal Media; a company dedicated to helping retailers integrate proven social media, mobile and email marketing strategies into their businesses. Crystal started Social Edge, an online membership group exclusive to retailers looking to gain an edge over competition using social media, who need direct access to what`s important and relevant when it comes to marketing their store and products online. For more information and to receive free bi-weekly social media tips to your email inbox, visit crystalmedia.co or socialedge.co.    

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