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Success Stories! Three Jewelers and Their Social Media Success

My retailers want a lot of things. They want simple solutions, they want more traffic, they want more sales, and they want to save time. One of the biggest things they want? Proof.

"What proof do you have that social media works?" "How do I know that retailers in MY industry have seen success?" While we love to sing the praises of social media, we know that the most important testimonials come from your fellow retailers. Here are three examples of how jewelry retailers have made social media work for them!  

Stambaugh Jewelers

With more than 5,100 likes, Stambaugh Jewelers is great at attracting new fans and keeping them engaged. Their posts showing off their personality and highlighting their staff have helped customers get to know, and love their brand. 1   They have boosted engagement even more by running fun and unique contests, like their Bridal Bracket, which played off of March Madness, showing that keeping posts timely can help you reap major benefits. In Social Edge, we offer several timely content ideas, saving you the time of searching for opportunities and creating unique posts to promote them. 2   They`ve also garnered attention by using the latest tool that Facebook has created for business owners Facebook Live. Their most recent stream did a great job of highlighting products while giving customers a sneak peek into a live event. Stambaugh Jewelers shared with me that the live videos promoting their Estate Sale Event generated foot traffic, giving proof that people are paying attention to what you post on Facebook and acting on it. 3  

Westende Jewelers

Clare from Westende Jewelers loves that she can spend nothing and get so much with social media. "I wanted to share a successful post that I have had since speaking with you. I haven`t done a multi choice image for some time so thought I would try one out. It went crazy! We had 100 comments in less than 24hrs and it also started discussion between a few people (all positive), which was awesome! It also drove so much traffic to our page and we had a heap of new page likes. This post cost me nothing!" 4 After posting, Clare got a call from a customer referring to one of the products in the photo. Photos and videos perform well on social media, so be sure to snap and share plenty of photos of your store, products, and behind-the-scenes moments. It`s not always simple to prove whether or not a sale came as a result from Facebook and other platforms, so be sure to encourage customers to mention posts in-store or train your employees to ask customers what brought them into the store that day.    

Rottermond Jewelers

While social media is perfect for retailers looking to spend little to no money, investing in ads can really boost exposure. Take Rottermond Jewelers for example. The store ran Local Awareness Ads during the 2015 holiday season promoting specific/popular watch brands and, overall, sales for items that were featured in the ads increased. 5 Kaitlyn, employee at Rottermond Jewelers, said, ""We have been running local awareness campaigns and they are doing very VERY well! And when I say very well, I mean over 26,000 local impressions for a 10-mile radius from one of our locations. This has only been running for a little over a week with a budget of $100! We have seen quite a large increase in sales in the brands that we have been promoting through this outlet." Whether you choose to run engaging contests and share your fun store culture, bring customers in with quality photos, or run an ad campaign, these retailers prove that there is plenty of success to be found on social media.  

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Crystal Media`s partnership with RDI Diamonds means that YOU can save 25% on a yearlong Social Edge membership by using the coupon code RDIDiamonds at checkout. Visit socialedge.co to watch a sample course. 46e1f049-cece-48a5-b71c-1f3b9a116508 Crystal Vilkaitis is the owner of Crystal Media; a company that teaches social media to independent retailers; helping them save time, gain confidence and increase local exposure, foot traffic and sales. Crystal started Social Edge, an online membership group exclusive to retailers looking to gain an edge over competition using social media, who need direct access to what`s important and relevant when it comes to marketing their store and products online. For more information and to receive free bi-weekly social media tips to your email inbox, visit heycrystalmedia.com.  

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