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Effective Selling is a Sequence Pt. 4: Overcoming objections and closing

Answering objections is where you will re-qualify your customer.  If you were stopped at the trial close, let them elaborate as to why. This is done by going over the information you gathered earlier, checking for accuracy.  Don`t be afraid to ask why the options presented were not right for their needs.  Also, don`t fill in the blanks by offering multiple choices. Let the customer answer the questions regardless of how long it takes. Shop assistant helps couple to select jewelry "I want to think about it," isn't a real objection. If they want to see more options, that is an indicator that something was missing in the qualify. Listen for details.  Sometimes it's something that may seem insignificant to you, but a big deal to them. Credibility is important. Be sure you are doing the right thing for your customer. Remember, customers will tell you what it takes to sell them if you pose the right questions, and listen to the answers. How you interpret that information is up to you. When preceded by a great intro, qualify, and presentation; closing is not complicated or difficult. Once any objections are cleared, it`s time to ask which one they prefer.  It doesn`t hurt to ask them if they prefer to pay by cash, check or charge. Always assume the sale.  Don`t make it easy for your customer to say "no".  If your product fits the bill, finish the deal. Remember, your customer had a need or a desire, and you found the solution. Why shouldn't they want to make the deal? Your confidence and conviction is contagious. It's a win-win situation, so treat it as such.  With the deal done, don't hesitate to hand your new customer a few of your business cards. Encourage them to share the cards with family and friends that may be in need of your services.

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