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Effective Selling Is a Sequence Pt. 3: Presentation and Trial Close

bob_part3Presentation requires providing a solution to a problem. That problem may be that the customer wants something for him or herself, another person, or requires a service to improve or correct a situation. If the qualify was done thoroughly, it becomes simple to present two options that actually fit the requirements. In some cases, a quick demonstration may be appropriate. This would be ideal with an item like a watch. If it performs a function, it`s an obvious benefit to talk about the features. You could assist your presentation with saying something like,  "Earlier you told me that if we had something available that did this, for $500, we'd have a deal. Well, we have two that do just that!  Let me show you why." Frankly, I'm not a big believer in a trial close. If you do the first steps right, this will be your only close.  After presenting your two very suitable options, you should follow with, "Which one do you like better, this one or this one?" When one is chosen proceed with "Perfect!" In the case of a diamond or anything else that requires a second item to finish the transaction, follow with "So what do you want to mount it in?"  If it's a finished product and it will be taken as is, then "Will that be cash or charge?"  Going with an assumed close pushes the sale.   RDI Diamond`s sales and marketing experts have worked with thousands of independent retailers nationally and are dedicated to driving traffic into their doors. Connect with RDI Diamonds at www.facebook.com/rdidiamonds and sign up for our email list to continue to receive sales and marketing tips designed specifically for independent jewelers.

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