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7 Social Media Posts That Create Action

By Crystal Vilkaitis, Social Media Expert at RDI Diamonds Have you ever posted something on your social media outlets and felt like you were just talking to yourself?  You anxiously go online to see how many people responded to the most recent post and are left disappointed when you find no one has interacted. Now more than ever it`s crucial for brands to post meaningful content on their social media profiles to stand out from the crowd.  Consumers are busy, just like you, and are swirling around the Internet at lightning fast speeds. And, with only on average about 3-5% of total Likes organically seeing your posts, you need to be posting content that speaks to them so it grabs their attention, feels relatable and adds value to their busy lives. In addition to adding value and standing out from the competition, your posts online need to create action and motivate the viewer to either engage with you, share your post, click to your website or come in to your store. Here are 7 Facebook post ideas to help you stand out from the competition and create action. 1. Sneak Peaks & New Arrivals. Consumers love getting an insider look at what`s coming soon and what`s just arrived in-store.  Create excitement among your online community by posting these types of pictures, and make sure you call out these products that are coming soon or are new, like we see from Avant Garde Fine Jewelry and Unique Gifts who posted a sneak peek of an item from a collection coming soon.   avant   Another great way of showcasing new items to your online communities is by taking a picture of the in-store display.  This helps the customer "digitally window shop"; they not only get to see what`s new but also get a look inside the store. 2. Exclusive offers. Give your social media networks something special.  Giving something they cannot find anywhere else is one of the best ways to use social media to truly give a reason for someone to follow you online. The key here is keeping it exclusive; only give certain offers to your online audience. This is a great example by Lisa Lisa`s Gift Closet where she asks fans to present this photo at checkout to receive 20%.  This is strong because she used a photo, which has heavier weight according to Facebook`s algorithm and will typically be shown to more people.  She made it "Today only" which creates urgency, and she`s combining this offer with a popular theme that happens every Thursday on Facebook called, "Throwback Thursday."   lisa If you don`t want to mark down a product or offer a discount, partner with a local business and give away gift certificates or gift bags for the first ‘#` of people who come into the store.  For example, "The first 10 people who come in today before 6pm will receive a make-up and fragrance gift bag valued at $50" and show a picture of the giveaway. This creates urgency since it`s only available today and there`s limited amounts available. 3. Popular Items. Consumers also love knowing what`s hot. Showcase popular items by posting pictures and saying things like, "These are selling fast!", "*Popular Item Alert*", "Get This Before They`re Gone!" or like how Ben Bridge did showcasing a pin of an item they sell that`s getting a lot of activity on Pinterest.  If a consumer clicks on this pin they`ll be taken to the Ben Bridge website where they`ll find a collection of items that are popular on Pinterest. This is a great way of showcasing trends and promoting popular items.   Pinterst 3 Another way to showcase popular items is by creating Top 10 Lists.  If you could turn your list into a graphic like a collage or infographic, that will help it get more exposure online.  Two tools to help you create graphics are Canva.com and PicMonkey.com. 4. Contests.  One of the best ways to boost engagement and get more activity on your social media profiles is through contests.  This is a simple example from J. Thomas Jewelers who ran a contest directly on their Facebook page, asking fans to leave a comment to enter to win.  This is a great example because it not only generates engagement, it`s a way to gather testimonials and for customers to share positive experiences.   j thomas 4  Just make sure you have a strategy around your contest – are you trying to build Likes, email addresses, store exposure, page engagement, or foot traffic?  How long will your run the contest?  How will you notify the winner?  How will you promote the contest?  When you have a strategy with clear goals, you`ll have a more successful contest. 5. Promote an event. One of the best ways to create foot traffic to your store is to host an event.  To ensure attendance is high, use social media to promote the event ahead of time and during the event.  Create a graphic that includes the event information and include the benefits of attending. This is a good example from Scheherazade Jewelers of using Facebook to promote an in-store sale.   scheh 5  Event ideas include trunk shows, exclusive product reveals, educational events like seminars or workshops, ladies night out, promotional event that offers raffles/drawings and exclusive offers.  To really draw attention to your event, try to connect with a local celebrity whether it is a sports figure, well-known member of the community, author or speaker; ask them to join the event and confirm that you can use their name and photo on all promotional items.  6. Take a poll. Another great way to increase engagement online is by asking questions.  To make the questions more engaging and to feature product while doing so, consider ‘taking a poll` on your social media outlets and ask your audience which item they`d prefer.  Here`s a great example from Karen`s Jewelers that received over 100 comments!   karen 6 7. Ask for customer`s opinions.  It`s important for marketers to use their social media outlets for other things than promoting products, sales and events.  One way to engage your online audience is by making them a part of the decision process. Ask things like what products they`d like to see in-store or what types of events they`d attend. Awe Else Boutique did a great job asking her fans if they`d like to see her carry a particular line and did so by showing a picture of the line.  The action you`ll create here is engagement on your social media pages and it will help build the relationship with your online audience.   aw else 7  


Crystal Vilkaitis is the owner of Crystal Media; a company dedicated to helping independent retailers understand how to use social media, mobile and email marketing to increase exposure and traffic. She is also resident Social Media Expert for RDI Diamonds. Crystal started Social Edge, an online membership group exclusive to retailers looking to gain an edge over competition using social media. Crystal Media has partnered with RDI Diamonds to offer jewelers an exclusive offer on Social Edge. For more information visit Crystal Media. RDI Diamonds and Crystal have a special offer for you on that page.  

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