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3 Mobile Marketing Ideas for Jewelers (QR codes, SMS, loyalty)

I`m sure you all agree we live in a mobile world. More and more people leverage smartphones in their daily lives, and it`s important as a business to make sure you`re not only optimized for these devices, but also using tools to connect with the mobile user. Here are three mobile marketing ideas to consider in 2015.   SMS Marketing (also known as Text Message Marketing) SMS marketing stands for short message service and is limited to 160 characters; most common is a text message. You can also send pictures, videos or audio files with up to 1,000 characters through MMS (multimedia messaging service). Mobile Commerce Daily surveyed groups in Gen Y (18-29), Gen X (30-43), Young Boomers (44-53) and Older Boomers and Seniors (54+) and found that 49% of all smartphone users said they have agreed to receive offers, loyalty points, content and other rewards via text messages in exchange for incentives. Gen X was the leading group at 55% saying they have opted in to programs like this and older boomers were at the bottom with 37% who have opted in. I predict the percentages for all groups will increase in 2015. According to Impiger Mobile about 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being delivered. Imagine sending a promotional text to your customers about an event or sale and having 90% of them read it within three minutes. That would be awesome! Text "open" rates are much higher than email, with average email open rates being about 22-26%. To ensure your message is not only getting seen but keeps getting seen, i.e. people don`t stop the messages from being sent, make sure that everyone you`re sending a message to has opted in and has given you permission to text them about your store. Before they opt in, let them know what you`ll be sending and how often you`ll be sending it. You`ll want to text less than you would send emails or post to social media. Emails should go out about once a week, social media posts should be daily and texts should be about one to two times a month. Because the Messages section on our cell phone is the place we connect with family and friends, it`s a sacred place. Respect this and only send valuable and important information. Here`s some examples of the information you`d send via SMS/MMS:
  • New product arrivals
  • Sales
  • Events
  • Coupons/gift certificates
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Bundling (buy two get one free)
  • Appointment reminders
  • Surveys
SMS Image                 There are several tools that can host your text marketing, but one I suggest is EZTexting.com. To learn more about how to increase foot traffic and sales using SMS/MMS marketing, and to hear success stories from other retailers, learn more about the mobile program offered inside of Social Edge at crystalmedia.co/mobilejeweler.   QR Codes Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) are scanned by a QR Code Reader Application using a Smartphone and contains almost anything a message, link, video, social media (ex: Like button for Facebook), phone number, even information, etc.QR For jewelers, there are a lot of ways to use QR Codes. They include:
  • Print on materials with event details
  • Link to Facebook Page or social media outlets and post signage on your windows and inside
  • Display map of store on business cards or printed ads
  • More product info in catalogs or print ads
  • Including different "gifts" with different QR codes for holiday or birthday cards
  • Pull people in with a special offer
  • Show a video of making a custom piece
  • Increase email list by linking the code to an opt-in form
  • Measure the success of a print ad
  • Engage window shoppers
Smartphone users were asked why they would scan a QR Code and 87% said to get a coupon, discount or deal (Mobile Commerce Daily). Keep this in mind when creating your QR Code(s). There are several options to help create and track QR Codes, but the one I suggest is qrstuff.com. To learn more about QR Codes and how to market your store and products, including retail examples, consider joining Social Edge and check out the Mobile Marketing Training Course.   Mobile Loyalty Loyalty programs are one of the best ways for jewelers to connect with their customers and increase sales as it encourages loyal buying behavior through incentives. With the rise of Smartphone usage, there are tools and apps available to host a store loyalty program on a mobile device versus giving out punch cards, plastic cards or using paper forms. A few reasons to have a mobile loyalty program:
  • Encourages loyal buying behavior. About 50-60% of customers don`t return after their first visit, loyalty programs bring them back in.
  • Customer sometimes spends more/buys more to reach rewards or save more
  • A reason to reach out - Members get extra savings throughout the year - Timely gifts ($25 off for your birthday month)
  • Integrating into social, can bring in new customers
Loyalty Image                   There are several applications and website to set up a mobile loyalty program, I suggest FiveStars.com or SpotOn.com. To learn more about mobile loyalty consider joining Social Edge by Crystal Media and check out the Mobile Marketing Training Course Crystal Vilkaitis is the owner of Crystal Media; a company dedicated to helping retailers integrate proven social media, mobile and email marketing strategies into their businesses. She is also the Social Media Expert at RDI Diamonds. Learn more at crystalmedia.co/rdidiamonds

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