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Have You Ever...
Had a customer looking for a larger diamond with an unrealistic budget?
Dreamed of making better margins while still undercutting the competition?
Wished you could afford to stock larger diamonds?
Been stuck with slow moving inventory you wish you could trade for new exciting inventory?
... Never Again!

Ariel Diamonds Wholesale
Natural & Rare

Beautifully enhanced diamonds are diamonds that are millions of years in the making! Everyone wants the largest, most brilliant and clean diamond they can get – at a price they can afford! Innovative technology now makes that even more possible by greatly improving the appearance of a diamond with a beautiful enhancement.
Nothing Excites Like A Big Diamond!

Beautifully enhanced diamonds are the best value for your customers. This emerging market for millennials allows for a bigger diamond when their budget just isn't enough.
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Sell More, Make More.
Partnership Has It's Benefits.

• 100% Sell-Thru Guarantee
• Re-Enhancement Guaranteed For Life
• Inventory - Loose, Stud Earrings & Solitaire
• Marketing & Social Media Collateral
• Radio Ads

Coming Soon! TV Ads

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The best value when a budget just isn't good enough. Start your Ariel Diamonds® program now.

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